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The Arab Medical Magazine site is composed of 2 sections: 

Section For The Medical Professions: 

  • you can read each week recent medical articles from international and Arabic literature 
  • you can register yourself to receive a free e-mail weekly with the new titles 
  • you can find the former articles in the archives of the site
  • You can read interesting case-reports
  • you can send us your articles and case-reports to publish them
  • you can register your address in the medical guide to receive letters from the other colleagues, and communicate with them

Section For The Patients And The Public (in English and Arabic) Where You Find:

  • medical articles for general public
  • medical counsels for patients
  • a section where you can put questions to read the response the following week

We advice you to visit this site, it is interesting and usefull.

If you have any remarks , we will be happy to discuss them. 

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Our Team